Teachers Colony, Paramathi, Namakkal District
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Welcome to Malar School

Thank you for evincing a keen interest in Malar Matric & Hr.Sec.School. This folder is designed primarily for the better understanding of our Institution. It furnishes useful information and we hope it clarifies all your doubts.
Our School is a homely and friendly place where children can grow and learn in a secured, creative and holistic environment. It is also a happy abode! Staff, pupils, parents and governors get on well and work together.

We believe that an all-round education is important for development and we are determined to do our very best for every child in the School. Children have an access to a high quality education, together with opportunities for creative, sporting and cultural activities. It is a gateway to Reputed Government Medical-Engineering Institutions and other Premier Institutions.


Our vision

Our vision is to make India the knowledge super power. At Malar, students are moulded to discover their inherent talents and work towards their fullest development in order to place them at the service of the human society.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the high quality education. We are dedicated to build pupils minds with conviction, integrity, social and moral responsibilities.
We are committed to educate the students beyond the confines of a class room. We make them individuals and develop their personalities, enabling them to face the challenges of the modern world.

Salient Features of our School

  • Holistic approach in Education.
  • Students are made to identify and develop their talents through house Activities
  • Enthusiasm mixed with excitement, inspiration coupled with motivation.
  • Multimedia assisted Hi-Tech Teaching.
  • Pleasant environment.
  • Uninterrupted power supply.
  • Systematic teaching and coaching.
  • Comprehensive study programme.
  • Regular test schedule.
  • Prompt mailing of the marks to the parents.
  • A good rapport among the students, parents and teachers.
  • Enhancement of learning of the slow learners for higher scoring.
  • Preparing the students to take the challenges in all walks of life.
  • Preparing the possible academic results for all the students.
  • Separate classrooms for boys and girls.
  • Gateway to enroll in the prestigious Medical and Engineering Institutions.
  • Smart Class with Digital Board.
  • Creative and modern Educationb under personalized attention
  • Affordable Quality education is our mission.
  • The teaching and learning process is supported with computer education LCD displays and modern Audio Visual Aids.
  • Intensive coaching for NEET/IIT/JEE from Class XI onwards by the Manikanda Acadamy Balanagar,Hyderabad.
  • Foundation proramme for proffesional courses from Grade VI onwards.
  • Continuous Counselling and Motivational sessions.